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Who We Are

BlueCat Motors was founded on one simple passion:
two wheels and a motor.

Nothing can liberate you from the ordinary like the growl of the engine and a couple of trustworthy tires. We love to ride, so we’ve made it our mission to help keep the Twin Cities rolling. Above all, we’re focused on service. Because we love all kinds of bikes, we work on just about anything. Japanese and European. Vintage and modern. Turn up to one of our Third Thursday events and you’ll see a cross section of the machines we work on. As much as the bikes themselves, we love the riding community that’s grown up here in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

So bring us your bikes. We’ll fix them, tune them, or remake them. Whatever you need.

The Shop

Our shop is located at 460 N. Prior Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota. That location informs our whole approach in what we do. We are midwestern motorcycle mechanics. We put in the hours. We do the job right. We say anyone can make a bike look good, but making one run well takes skill, experience and just a little bit of art.


We fix motorcycles. Vintage, modern and everything in between.

We do it all. From routine maintenance to barn-found restorations, we can take care of you and your machine. We take pride in providing quality service and as enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the attention to detail required to keep your machine on the road. Our specialty is Japanese and European brands, but we also work on Victory and we’ll take in a vintage Harley on a case-by-case basis. Here’s a list of our supported brands.



Third Thursday

Look at your calendar, find the Thursday column and count down three weeks. On the third Thursday of all the warmer months (and sometimes during winter) we open our doors after hours to host a two wheel block party. The action starts at 6:00 PM and goes as late as it goes. Usually we’re able to line up a food truck (yay tacos!) or other grub goodness, so show up hungry. We mean it when we say everybody is welcome. If it’s got two wheels and a motor, we want you to bring it out and show it off. Nowhere else will you see a vintage ’50s BMW parked grip-to-grip with a Honda cafe racer on one side and a race-modified Benelli moped on the other. It’s always a blast and we’re really proud of what the event has become. It’d be special if we only did it once a year, but we do it nearly every month. Keep an eye on our blog for scheduling. Then bring your bike and say hello!


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460 N. Prior, St. Paul, MN 55104