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Who We Are

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BlueCat Motors was founded on one simple passion:
two wheels and a motor.

Nothing can liberate you from the ordinary like the growl of the engine and a couple of trustworthy tires. We love to ride, so we’ve made it our mission to help keep the Twin Cities rolling. Above all, we’re focused on service. Because we love all kinds of bikes, we work on just about anything. Japanese and European. Vintage and modern. Turn up to one of our Third Thursday events and you’ll see a cross section of the machines we work on. As much as the bikes themselves, we love the riding community that’s grown up here in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

So bring us your bikes. We’ll fix them, tune them, or remake them. Whatever you need.

The Shop

Our shop is located at 460 N. Prior Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota. That location informs our whole approach in what we do. We are midwestern motorcycle mechanics. We put in the hours. We do the job right. We say anyone can make a bike look good, but making one run well takes skill, experience and just a little bit of art.