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Spring Tune Up

Posted on 29 Mar 2011 in Shop News, Specials | 4 comments


It may only be 34 degrees outside, but spring has sprung here at the shop. We know that you’re itching to get out on the road. Before you hit the pavement, it might be wise to get your bike looked at. Give us a call and schedule a quick tune up. We’ll check the usual bells and whistles, make sure all the cobwebs are cleared out, and get you ready for riding.

Call the shop and schedule your tune up. We’ll be getting busy over the next few weeks, so reserve your spot now.

  • Robert Slavik

    Rob thanks for the advice you gave about the Cimatti Chic City Bike moped. The guy is asking $1000, will take $700, he paid $600. Said something is wrong with the carburator, if it idles too long it will drive about 100′ then die. Thanks agian rob

  • Lois Yue

    Hi! need to get my Honda Elite repaired and was referred by a friend, can you assist? just needs to get running as it’s been sitting for a few years. can you help? would like to sell it after the repairs/tuneup is completed.



    • Give us a call, or better yet, just bring your scooter in. No appointment needed.

  • Bob Weber

    What would I pay approximately to have the valves adjusted on my 2001 Honda Rebel 250?