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Letter from the Owner

Posted on 05 Feb 2011 in Shop News | 0 comments

As the 2011 season approaches I wanted to take a moment to speak to our new and returning customers about BlueCat Motors, where we have been, and where we are going. To begin with I can’t express enough my gratitude to all of our customers over the years, some of whom have been with us since I started this business out of my garage eight years ago!

Since that time BlueCat has gone through many changes and incarnations of what this business can be. Through all the ups and downs; getting that first real shop space, the scooter boom of 2008, the economic crash the following year, we kept our heads down and pushed on through relying on our enthusiasm and passion for what we do. Over the last two years our business has grown, which is fantastic, but I will freely admit we were not prepared for it. Though it has allowed us to purchase and move into our new space, it has become apparent that we were stretched very thin, working harder not smarter. Now that we have moved into our new shop, we have decided to make a few changes and instigate a plan to address this very important issue.

First off BlueCat Motors will no longer be servicing Chinese manufactured scooters and motorcycles. To those customers of ours who own Chinese products we apologize. We believe that by turning away this work we will have more time and energy to focus on doing the best job we can with the Japanese, European, and British motorcycles we have focused our business on. We are still a metro shop and will never turn away from our scooter enthusiast customers, but we must limit it to Japanese, European, and the reputable brands coming out of the Asian market.

Secondly as a small business owner you can’t help but wear several different hats of responsibility, but nothing can compare to having one person devoted to a particular job. This year we are excited to have our customers get to know and work with our newest edition to the BlueCat team, service writer/customer service liaison. It is our hope that by having a dedicated customer service employee we will be far better able to meet the needs of our customers, and facilitate the best experience possible for us and you.

The final step in this effort is getting feedback from you our customer. We want to know directly from you what we are doing right and what we can improve on. We have put together a “customer packet” that every customer will receive upon dropping off their vehicle for service. Along with some good information and tips on owning a vintage machine, and a thorough explanation of our policies and procedures we have also included a customer survey. If brought back to us filled out with honest feedback you will receive 10% off labor on your next service. I am very excited to get some constructive criticism, as well as be able to motivate the rest of the team with well deserved accolades.

As spring draws near and we all anxiously await the big thaw I want to welcome all new and returning customers to BlueCat Motors. We have a lot of fun events planned for the coming season, our vintage motorcycle third Thursday events, weekly Saturday group rides this year, and as always we welcome you to come down to the shop anytime whether you have a technical question about a project your into or just miss the smell of two stroke oil it doesn’t matter. We are here to support the motorcycling community in the twin cities and keep as many vintage and modern machines on the road as we can.


Ryan Scott
Owner, BCM