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Introducing Winter Service

Posted on 13 Sep 2011 in Shop News, Specials | Comments Off on Introducing Winter Service

There’s no fighting it, winter happens every year. For most of us, it means an end to riding season and the beginning of project season. The same is true for us here in the shop. Winter means personal and customer projects alike. It’s an opportunity to do the big things that put a bike out of commission for a while when we can’t be riding it anyway. Each year, a handful of customers inevitably bring us a bike or two for winter project work. This year, we want to encourage that, so we’ve put together a special offer we’re calling Winter Service. Here’s the short version:

  • Bring us your winter projects and we’ll have them ready for spring
  • Get free Winter Storage for qualifying large projects
  • Sign up for Winter Storage and get 10% off smaller service projects

Every winter, BlueCat Motors offers Winter Storage — a service where we winterize and then store your machine in a climate controlled environment. When spring comes, we give your machine a full mechanical inspection, change its vital fluids, and other key services to get your riding season started off right. This year, we’re going a step further.

This winter, we’re offering what we’re calling Winter Service. If your motorcycle or scooter is in need of significant service — such as an engine rebuild, full “barn bike” resurrection, frame-up restoration, or customization such as a Cafe Racer conversion — you can schedule it for Winter Service and have your project ready for delivery once the weather warms up. Here’s the kicker. If you schedule a big project like these for Winter Service, your bike may qualify for discounted or even free Winter Storage. Or, if you need smaller service work done — such as tire changes, or a carburetor rebuild — you can get a 10% discount on that service when you store your bike with us this winter.

Sound good? There’s one catch. Winter Storage slots are limited, and so are Winter Service slots. If you want to take advantage of Winter Service, we need to hear from you by October 15. It’s first come, first served, so bring us your machine ASAP.