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Winter Storage on the Horizon

Posted on 10 Oct 2012 in Shop News, Specials | 0 comments


Winter Storage is a term we Minnesota riders dread, yet each year we have to face it. Riding season comes to an end because most of us don’t ride our motorcycles through the snow and freezing air temperatures. That’s why we offer Winter Storage for those who don’t have the luxury of a personal garage space, or the time and expertise to properly winterize their machine for the frigid months of the North Star State.  

For a reasonable fee, you can reserve a spot in our climate-controlled facility. All necessary winterizing procedures are performed and your machine will be prepped, inspected and ready to go by spring. While the ice carving festivals rage on during the winter month, at least you won’t have to worry about your motorcycle.

To schedule winter storage, just call the shop at (651) 645-1172. Additionally, if your bike needs more than just a warm place to spend the winter, we’re offering a 10% labor discount for service done while your bike is in winter storage.