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Bluecat Motors is now Blue Cat Motorcycle

Posted on 30 Mar 2014 in Shop News | 0 comments

It’s been ten years, two locations and literally thousands of bikes. What started as two guys and some tools has grown into a mainstay of the local motorcycle community. We have our customers to thank for that. It’s a role we take really seriously and we’re extremely grateful to play that role.

So why the change? Over the years, we’ve been a service center, a dealership, and a retail shop. We’ve built custom bikes, done frame-up restorations and built more “cafe racers” than we can count. In that time, we’ve figured out who we are. We’ve figured out what we’re good at. We’ve learned from our mistakes and most importantly, we’ve focused in on what we really want to do: transform motorcycles.

We take bikes that don’t run and turn them into bikes that do. We make boring machines interesting again. We breath life into the old and inject character into the modern. We are Blue Cat Motorcycle. Viva Midwest.