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Winter Storage and Service

Winter Storage: $375

  • • Storage for motorcycles and select scooters
  • • Climate-controlled, clean, secure storage right here at our shop, not some other location
  • • Full winterization — we drain your carbs or condition your FI system, stabilize the fuel, and tend the battery all winter long
  • • Free spring safety check, inspection, and run up to make sure your bike is ready to go
  • • 10% discount on any service you’d like done over the winter
  • • Available now, ending April 10, 2021. After April 17, additional storage fees may apply.

So why winter storage?
It’s not just about space. Sure, having more room in your garage for your winter projects is a great thing, but it’s more than that. Without proper winterization, any carbureted two-wheeler can go from perfect running order to running like crap just from sitting over the winter. Bad gas falls apart into gunk, the inside of the tank can rust, and all of it conspires to take the growl out of your bike. Spring will show up and your motorcycle will end up on a trailer headed for the shop rather than under your butt where it belongs. Save the space. Save the hassle. Store your bike here and let us winterize it for you properly and wake it up right come spring.
Why BlueCat?
We have the space, but more importantly we have the expertise. We’re mechanics, not salesmen. We understand your bike. We’re here to take care of the machine, whether broken, sickly or simply hibernating. While there’s no guarantee that the weather will be any good come March or April, it’s our promise that your bike will be good to go when the earth does finally head back towards the sun.

Winter Service

Storing your bike with us this winter also opens up the opportunity to get some work done while the snow falls. Take advantage of our Winter Service program and hell, you might not have to pay for Winter Storage at all. Then when spring comes, not only is your bike clean and ready to ride, but that big fix you’ve been putting off finally got done and there’s nothing left but loud pipes, blacktop and the only truly modern sensation: speed.