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Whether bringing in your machine for a tune-up or diagnosis, our skilled mechanics will first perform a thorough inspection of your machine, listing mechanical, cosmetic, and safety issues before any work is performed. You will be advised about the condition of your machine including the order in which issues should be addressed. Keep in mind that this is an estimate, and although our mechanics and parts manager are very thorough, we can’t always know the extent of your machine’s issues until we begin the work.

Additionally, parts prices can and do change depending on the rarity of your machine, sourcing, and availability. Once you give the go-ahead to begin work on your motorcycle, if there are any significant changes to the pricing laid out in the estimate, or additional repairs need to be made, we will notify you before any extra parts are ordered or any additional work is done.

How long do estimates take?

Estimates are done in the order the bikes are received. Our target is to get each customer a detailed estimate as quickly as we are able, which is typically 3-4 business days. Please note: during busy times of the year, such as spring and summer, estimates may take longer than normal. Please be patient with us.

Once estimates go out, customers have three business days to decide what they’d like to do.


The ability to source vintage motorcycle parts is a big part of what keeps these machines on the road. When repairing a vintage motorcycle, many times parts are discontinued from the original manufacturer and must be located using aftermarket, overseas, and sometimes pretty inventive sources. Keep in mind that we are not a dealership. We only have indirect access to the OEM parts network, and there is no same-day parts delivery like in the auto industry.

Once you receive an estimate, it’s important that we receive payment as soon as possible in order to guarantee parts pricing and availability. Often times with discontinued or rare parts, we are able to track down that sole survivor, but we need to order it before it slips away. Once a part is ordered by BlueCat, it is not always immediately shipped from the vendor, may be on backorder, or may have to be shipped from overseas. Expect a minimum of ten business days for parts to arrive. But be prepared that sometimes a part order can take weeks, and occasionally months to arrive if it is particularly rare. Once all your parts have arrived we will put your machine back into rotation to be worked on as soon as possible. We want to complete the work on your machine and get it back on the road as much as you do!

Customer Contact

Customer service is our number one priority at BlueCat Motors. We don’t want just one project or repair, we want to be your go-to shop for all your service needs. Part of that includes keeping our customers updated as to the status of their machine. Let us know if you prefer to be updated by phone or over email. We prefer to send status updates as emails, as they help eliminate ambiguities. Plus email makes it easy to send pictures, etc. Final completion dates can vary widely based on parts availability, subcontractors, and current work load, but our service writer will keep you updated every step of the way as we work to complete your motorcycle in as timely manner as possible.


Once an estimate is completed, before work can be started and parts ordered, complete payment needs to be made on all parts. Additionally if the total labor estimate is over $1000, then 50% of the labor total must also be paid before work can begin. Once you have been informed by phone and/or email of the completion of your machine, customers have 7 days to pickup their machine and pay the balance of their bill. Due to limited space, bikes not paid for and picked up within 7 days are subject to a $25/day storage charge.