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We are mechanical ex-pats

Posted on 03 May 2011 in Opinion | 0 comments


There’s something romantic about the idea of the ex-patriot, the person who leaves their home country to live abroad. We’re a nation built on the shoulders of ex-patriots. Sure, you could use the much more boring term of “immigrant”, but what fun is that? There’s a subtext to being an ex-pat. You’ve chosen to turn your back on your homeland for reasons of conscience or necessity. What’s that have to do with us? Once in a while, a well-intended Harley Davidson owner will drop by looking for service, where we’ll politely send him elsewhere.

You see, we’re mechanical ex-pats. We haven’t left St. Paul, but we’ve immigrated to Japan, Italy and the UK in as much as we’ve chosen to focus on their scooters and motorcycles. Why? Because we love their bikes. They’ve got character. They’re reliable. They’re soulful. What’s more, there are literally dozens of places in the Twin Cities where you could get your Harley, Indian or Victory worked on. But try to find another shop restoring a classic Vespa on one lift, tuning up a BSA on another, and building a vintage Honda into a Cafe Racer on a third. We’re it. Those are the bikes we ride and those are the bikes we focus on. Is that you too? Swing by the embassy then.