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Hello, snow

Posted on 22 Nov 2011 in Opinion | 0 comments

Last Saturday morning the Twin Cities got its first real snow of late autumn. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to seal the season as far as I’m concerned. While we might yet see the brown ground once or twice more before winter proper, it’s probably safe to say that I’ve had my last motorcycle ride for 2011 in the Twin Cities. It’s time to drain my carbs, stabilize my gas and pull the battery out of my bikes for tending. It’s bittersweet, because while I know I’ll miss riding my bikes, winter is something we all share together.


Last week we talked about some of the projects we have in the works, but there are winter traditions to be observed as well. First, there’s the programming. It’s cold and stupid out, so let’s watch a movie. My wife and I always watch Grumpy Old Men on the first snow, which we did this weekend. That movie continues to age very, very well. As winter drags on and my motorcycle itch gets worse, I’ll probably watch On Any Sunday at least half a dozen times. I’ll watch Long Way Round at least twice, but probably only watch Long Way Down once because they whine all the way to Africa. I’m sure I’ll revisit One Week, and while I’m in that mood, a second viewing of Heartlands would be time well spent. There are the classics, of course. Easy Rider and The Wild One. Hell, I’ll even re-watch Quadrophenia if winter drags on long enough. Although now I think I relate to the Rockers better than the Mods after selling my Vespa.

Then there’s the events. We’re planning on the third annual BlueCat Motors Illegal Pinecar Derby. Here’s hoping it doesn’t blizzard that night like last year. Stay tuned for the schedule. We’ll also likely attend the International Motorcycle Show, if only to remind ourselves how boring and expensive most of today’s motorcycles are. Looks like Triumph is back at the IMS though, so that’s something. Here’s hoping it’s not at the expense of their great nationwide ride events. We keep thinking about things like ice drag racing or australian-style unicycle races. Not sure if any of that crazy shit will happen this winter, but it’s fun to think about.

How about you? What are your winter traditions? How do you scratch that two-wheel itch until things warm up again? Have you ever been caught down in your garage, sitting on your bike, making “vroom! vroom!” noises? Do you park your baby in the living room and sit on it while you watch old reruns of Chips in your underwear? No judgement. It’s cool. Just stay warm and stay tuned as we just might make up some new winter traditions of our own this year.