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The little things

Posted on 07 Jun 2011 in On The Lift | 0 comments


It’s hot outside. I almost miss the bite of winter. Almost. Summer sunshine and warm air mean that people are finally out on their bikes. It also means that the shop is bustling with bikes in for service. While we love the big restoration projects, our bread and butter is far less glamourous. It’s tune-ups, carb rebuilds and fork seals. It’s replacing broken body panels and jetting new exhausts. It’s taking in a bike, getting it the work it needs, then getting it out of our shop and back under its owner’s arse where it belongs.


Thing is, that’s why we’re here. We love the little stuff. We love the tire swaps, the brake jobs, even the oil changes. These are noble endeavors because more than anything else, these are the things that keep bikes on the roads. Fresh rubber and fluids keep wheels turning and engines growling. Even more than that, these are the simple things that don’t cost that much. They’re the little things that let our customers enjoy their motorcycles without worrying about the mechanical stuff.


Sure, we have bigger projects in the works. There are a couple of CB750s, a couple of CB450s and a speed record bike to prep for Bonneville next year. We’ve also got plenty of bigger jobs like engine rebuilds and electrical gremlins. But the work that matters most is the little things. Not just because they help keep the lights on, but because they keep the streets noisy. Deus est in retineo.* Does your bike need anything?

*god is in the details