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It’s not always about the motor

Posted on 18 Jan 2011 in On The Lift | 0 comments


“Well first of all, we don’t really do V-twins.”

This is what Jeff said to me when I asked about the bright yellow Indian sitting on the lift. On further explanation, it made sense. There are lots of places to get your Harley worked on, but not many shops that can take a 40 year-old japanese or english bike and bring it back to life. So we want to stay focused on that. Yet here is this canary-colored slab of american iron on the lift. Turns out the engine is in fine shape. The reason this Indian is in for service is something that should serve as a cautionary tale to bike sellers everywhere.


This particular Indian was for sale by its owner. A prospective buyer came along and asked for a test ride. Upon returning, this individual complained that the clutch was bad and offered significantly less money than the seller was asking. The clutch was fine before the test ride, so the owner brought the bike to us. Upon inspection, the clutch was fine. Our forensic theory is that this shady buyer must have pulled over while riding the bike, then adjusted the clutch cable way out of spec so that it would feel like there was something wrong. Sellers beware.


With the bike sorted from that standpoint, the owner left it with us for winter storage. Then he asked us to refresh the bodywork over the winter with new paint. We were happy to oblige and now there’s bright, fresh paint on the Indian. No engine work required.