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Beat the rush. Bring us your little stuff.

Posted on 24 Feb 2012 in On The Lift | 4 comments

So here’s a question: Is your machine ready for Spring? Is it really? It’s been a mild winter, but actual Spring is right around the corner. When it does finally get properly warm around here, it’ll mean a rush of people out to scratch the same itch — a rush of folks with a hundred little things that their bike needs in order to be fully ready for riding season. Sure, you could queue up behind all those people, OR you could bring us all your little stuff now and beat the rush. What does your machine need?

  • A carb clean?
  • Tire change?
  • Fresh fork seals?
  • Brake pads?
  • New grips or handlebars?
  • A new set of points or a timing adjustment?
  • Oil change?

Sure, we’ll take big projects too. We always love those. But for those of you out there (and you know who you are) with smaller jobs that need done, we want ’em. We want ’em NOW. Bring us that motorcycle this week, rather then in the rush of Spring three weeks from now. Bring us a wheel and a new tire for mounting. Bring us that bike that sat too long and doesn’t idle right because it has gummy carbs. Bring us a pair of leaky forks. Best of all, have yourself a machine that’s ready to hit the road as soon as the street sweeper rumbles by.

  • Dale

    Hey guys – A few weeks ago, I bought a slightly used V-Star 650 (473 miles on the odometer). The bike appears to run well, but will soon be needing its 600 mile break-in oil change and initial maintenance check. How much would that cost me? I am also thinking of fitting it out with an external oil filter relocation kit. Have any experience with those? They look like they would greatly simplify the oil filter replacement, permit the use of a standard oil filter and also increase the bike’s oil capacity. Any thoughts?
    Thanks… Dale

  • Dale,

    We don’t do estimates here on the blog, so the best thing for you to do would be to give us a call during shop hours. We can absolutely take care of you though.

  • christopher bohl

    I noticed your ad in MMM and was surprised/elated to have a “vintage” repair shop so close to me. I am the original owner of a 1983 Yamaha Venture w/80k on the clock. It is rideable, not a parade bike and I do ride it but being almost 30 years old, it can always use some love. How do you feel about working on these bikes? I am in need of the usual – carbs/fuel system cleaned, new tires. I have removed/installed the bodywork myself manymanymany times and am happy to do that for you so you can get right down to business. Any interest?

    • Hi Christopher,

      Feel free to swing by the shop and we can talk more about your bike. Cheers!