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Help a local moto movie get made

Posted on 02 Aug 2012 in Friends Of The Shop | 0 comments

Fair warning: This trailer is NSFW.

There are only seven days remaining in the campaign for Girl Meets Bike — a film shot locally here in Minnesota by people who love old bikes as much as we do. It’s not often that an honest-to-goodness feature film gets made about real motorcycle culture, let alone featuring vintage bikes and groovy Minnesota people. This one looks like a winner and we hear some BlueCat regulars and their bikes make cameo appearances (and better!) in this movie-to-be. So if you’re able, go chip in a couple bucks and help get this project over the hump and finished. There are lots of great thank you gifts for supporters, ranging from coozies, to t-shirts, to DVDs of the film and more. Head on over to Kickstarter and help make this movie happen.