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bluepinewood-pdfWeigh in begins at 7pm.

Racing about 8ish. ALL cars must pass tech inspection. VINTAGE and STOCK have a 5 oz limit. OPEN-MOD will have a 8 oz limit.

Rules for VINTAGE-all cars must pass tech inspection-
1. Must be a true vintage pine wood derby car.
2. If any broken parts-new parts- wheels, axles- my be used in place. in the spirit of things we ask that you try to use all vintage part’s if possible.
3. It is a 5 ounce weight class. Again, 5 OUNCE WEIGHT CLASS FOR VINTAGE.
4. other than that, TRY to use standard BSA rules/parts and apply to you’re older car.

Rules for STOCK-all cars must pass tech inspection-
1. Standard Boy Scouts Rules-

Rules for Open Mod Class-
1. Weight class for open mod will be 8 OUNCE. It will be a heavy car but should make for same good racing.
2. Nothing on/in the car that would damage the race track in any way.
3. No propellants of any kind-see rule 2
3. Other than that…..

Beer will be here.
We will be spinning records.
We’ll have tools to repair or do what ever to you’re car in the shop at the time of the race.
We have to rent the track so any donations appreciated to race. Whatever ya got.

Race rules will be at BlueCat discretion.