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BlueCat-Built Honda CB450 featured on BikeEXIF

BlueCat-Built Honda CB450 featured on BikeEXIF

Posted on 09 Nov 2012 in Best Of The Web, On The Lift, Shop News | 8 comments

We are absolutely thrilled to see my 1974 Honda CB450 K7 Supersport featured on what is arguably the most prolific custom motorcycle blog on the web. A huge thanks to Chris and the crew at BikeEXIF for considering our little Honda for their site. However, equally big thanks and kudos go to Juan F. Hernandez for taking such great photos of Adeline.

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The best kind of problem to have

Posted on 17 Jul 2012 in On The Lift, Shop News | 0 comments

We’re currently overflowing with motorcycle service and restoration work, and it’s only proper that we stop and say thank you. We’re utterly swamped and we’ve been bumping up against the proverbial rev limiter on how many motorcycles we can even take in and queue up for service in the coming weeks.

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Beat the rush. Bring us your little stuff.

Posted on 24 Feb 2012 in On The Lift | 4 comments

So here’s a question: Is your machine ready for Spring? Is it really? It’s been a mild winter, but actual Spring is right around the corner. When it does finally get properly warm around here, it’ll mean a rush of people out to scratch the same itch — a rush of folks with a hundred […]

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On The Lift: Robb’s Honda CB590

Posted on 07 Feb 2012 in On The Lift | 3 comments

For all intents and purposes, this bike started its life as a run of the mill Honda CB550.  A stock CB550, while beautiful in its original form, is capable of a stock 50 bhp at 8,500 rpm.  In a day-to-day application these numbers, when combined with stock carburetion and exhaust, amount to a modest performer of a bike suitable for daily commuting and short highway jaunts.

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Humble Beginnings :: The DesertCat DT360A

Posted on 17 Jan 2012 in Bikes We Love, On The Lift, Opinion | 2 comments

In most of rural America, this 1972 Yamaha DT360A would be dismissed as a “barn bike” tucked away in the back of a shed, uncovered and left to choke on a carb full of old fuel.  More than likely, it would have been used as a farm bike and eventually dismissed in favor of it’s me-want-shiny distant American cousin.  I’m just as guilty of this dismissal as the next guy, particularly in my pre-riding years.  Now that I’ve owned several bikes, my eyes have adjusted and I’ve learned to see and appreciate the beauty in the lines of a bike like this.

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