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Cafes and Customs

Posted on 11 Apr 2009 Comments Off on Cafes and Customs

The term “cafe racer” gets thrown around a lot these days. For some, it’s a small cross-section of vintage British motorcycles. For others, it’s a particular look. For us, it’s more of an ethos. A café racer is more than just a motorcycle, it’s a kind of motorcyclist. Specifically, its a kind of rider who wants to take a motorcycle and transform it into the high performance, gorgeous machine it always deserved to be.

Sometimes it’s as simple as lower handlebars and a better seat. We prefer fully tuning the engine, upgrading the suspension and overhauling the braking system — turning unassuming standard motorcycles into high-performance speed machines. However tame or extreme your project, we can take it from start to finish, or help you anywhere along the way.

Customization services

We offer full in-house mechanical overhaul and tuning. We also partner with an elite group of vendors for the highest quality custom paint, upholstery and fabrication you’ll find anywhere. Services include:

  • Engine work, including full rebuilds
  • Performance tuning for both carburetor and EFI systems
  • Suspension tuning and brake upgrades
  • Custom paint and pin striping
  • Custom upholstery and seat work
  • Full metal fabrication and machining

So whether you’re finally ready to build that XS650 bobber you always dreamed of, or you just found a Norton Featherbed frame in your uncle’s barn, or you’d just like to take all the unneeded crap of your modern Triumph Bonneville, we can make it happen.