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For the love of an old machine

Posted on 26 Apr 2011 in Bikes We Love, On The Lift | 3 comments


An ’80s era Japanese scooter is not a glamorous machine by most standards. When I first laid eyes on this Honda Elite 250, it had most of its body panels pulled off and its fuel tank removed. It needed a new petcock, fuel lines, and a few other odds and ends. A lot of people would dismiss this bike. Not me though. I get it. The Elite is a noble beast.

You see, when I was about six years-old, I saw my first scooter. It was a red Honda Elite 80. I thought for sure it was some kind of space ship. It was taller than I was, but I was sure it could fly. The crazy ’80s angular design looked like it was straight out of Lost in Space. I ride and write about bikes today because of that strange little scooter. Eventually, I have to own one just on principle.


So when I saw this Elite 250 in for repairs when others might have just let the bike slide further into atrophy, I was excited for its owner. You get a bike like this fixed because you love it, not because it’s some sort of collector’s item. I think that’s a fantastic motivation, no matter the machine. What bike got you into riding?